Nursery Facilities

2 - 4 Room

Our purpose designed 2 – 4 playroom is bright, airy and welcoming.

It is set out in different areas to reflect the EYFS areas of learning and the children are free to move between the areas as they choose. Toys and resources are accessible for the children, with adult led activities available to choose as well.

We also have use of a large downstairs hall where we eat our snacks and lunch, have space to play on the bouncy hoppers and use the large soft play blocks, play group games and hula hoop.

Baby Room

Our baby room is bright, airy and colourful with toys and resources to allow the babies to have lots of fun whilst learning new skills.

Toys are rotated regularly to keep their interest and adult led activities are planned to meet their needs and interests.

The babies are taken out for walks in our triple buggies to enjoy the fresh air and local surroundings.


Our outdoor space goes in a u shape around the building and has:

We have a movable fence to be able to create a separate area for the babies when they are outside.