We will do our best to meet the needs of all children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities where it is possible within the constraints of the building and taking into consideration all the other children in our care.

Shooting Stars Local Offer

The Setting

The nursery is a full day care setting providing places for children between the ages of 0 and 4. The nursery is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 6pm, 50 weeks of the year and is registered to take 6 children under 2 and, 12 toddlers and 16 preschool chidren per session. The under 2’s are cared for in a designated Babyroom. The toddlers and preschool children access all areas of the setting throughout the day separately. We have a manager (Louisa), assistant managers (April and Debbie), baby room leader (April), SENCO (Louisa) and PICO (Debbie).

Accessibility and Inclusion

The nursery has use of a purpose designed upstairs room accessed only by a staircase. There is also a downstairs hall that is used for snacks, lunches and physical play. The front door is accessed via a stone ramp. All downstairs doors are wide enough for wheelchair access. There is also a disabled toilet. Currently information is on notice boards and on letters etc that are in English and Polish. These can easily be done in large font if necessary. We are looking into having policies and registration forms translated into Polish. We have the support of the local children’s centre to ensure all families can access the information needed. The downstairs space has lots of room to move, with resources all at child level.

Identification and Early Intervention

In the nursery children’s progress is monitored through learning journeys and observations carried out by keyworkers. These are fed into individual tracking documents. We also complete the 2 year old check. Any concerns are discussed with parents and the SENCO and outside agencies contacted if necessary following our SEN policy.

Teaching and Learning Part 1 – Practitioners and Practice

In the nursery we follow the EYFS guidelines to provide learning opportunities for the children in all the key areas, providing enhancements that are linked to a current topic and the children’s likes and interests. Progress is tracked through baselines assessment, observations, 2 year old check, numeracy and literacy assessments. We aim to provide opportunities that will engage different interests and different learning styles. The role of the keyworker is to ensure their key children are accessing the opportunities and are making progress, speaking to the SENCO and parents if they have any concerns.

All staff provide the parents with regular information through letters, verbally, our here, there and everywhere books and the notice board on what we are doing, and are available to discuss anything the parents are unsure of. We also have notice boards with local events and groups information.

Teaching and Learning Part 2 – Provision and resources

We work with other professionals as necessary, looking at the individual needs of the child. We would access this through the SEND service or the children’s centre. Any specialist resources necessary could be purchase or borrowed, again looking at the needs of the child and fitting within the constraints of rented buildings and storage. We would look at making reasonable adjustments to staffing and trips where necessary.


We have regular day to day conversations with the parents, and are available to arrange meetings with them if they wish to discuss anything in depth. We have in addition to that termly opportunities to share learning journeys, and we have a here, there and everywhere book that the children take home on a weekly basis. This gives an overview of the week and allows parents to add things about their time at home.


Settling sessions are offered for new starters. These vary in length and time according to the needs of the child. During these sessions parents are welcome to ring at any time to check how their child is doing. We have All About Me booklets which help us to learn about the child and their likes/interests before they start. When a child moves between groups, they will have first spent some of their time joining with some of the older children. Their existing key worker and new keyworker will then meet to discuss the child. Children leaving to attend another setting are given a transition document.

Staff Training

Training will be available to staff if it will help to provide the best care and learning opportunities for the child. We attend local training, provide in house training and have regualr staff discussions about current issues, legislation, safeguarding and new ideas.

We keep ourselves up to date with safeguarding and first aid training.

Further Information

If you require any further information contact nursery staff on 07415 271154 or email ssnurseryinfo@gmail.com